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Christine Fury News Spring

Hi Campers! Christine here to just check in and say hi. In this ever changing climate, Camp Out has had to do some serious adjusting like all of you. And while we keep just trying to float along, I wanted to give you an update of everything happening! 

One, shipping is still happening twice a week! And we appreciate you guys ordering!! You Campers are keeping my spirits up and positivity going with every order. You are helping keep my small business alive while we can't shoot and I can never thank you enough for the support. So know if you place an order, it will be headed your way quickly still! 

Two, our Summer Cult Classics Issue 16 is looking to be delayed. I luckily had a third of it already shot before quarantine but to finish it up, we will be behind schedule. I'm hoping not by too much. Summer should have released on June 15th and I'm hoping for July 1st, possibly July 15th. Maybe I can still release it on pre sale on June 15th still with a special exclusive sticker pack with pre sale orders. 

Third, I'm going to try and do some mini releases while we wait to get back to shooting! Looking at doing a new Taylor White poster soon, working on a brand new bodysuit design with an extra high hip cut and we are still knocking out our vintage topless head vase, we should hopefully have the sample done soon! But in the mean time, all the new Spring C.R.E.A.M. Issue 15 goodies are up and here are some of the amazing ladies that are coming to see us for Summer to get their Campette badges!


Stormi Maya

Katy Lou 

Lauren Andrews 

Baby Boring 

Riley Reed 



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