Campout Magazine FAQS


Campers! if you haven’t heard, the USPS shipping has had a lot of delays. Like a lot. Covid was at first the cause of all the delays. Now add the Covid delays on with a new post master coming in to position in June to completely over haul the American USPS and we have a full frenzy. So if you are experiences delays, don’t worry! Your package will still get to you and if you have any questions or concerns please email!


Where can I purchase the magazine? 

The magazine is only sold online here at the website! 


What are all of the shipping details? 

Camp Out ships out once a week. Currently I am still a one woman, full time mama shipper! I always try my best to ship out 2-3 times a week around releases but the magazine a hundred percent will go out once a week otherwise.  I try and do as minimal packaging as a I can as to not create any extra waste. Our packing peanuts are biodegradable and if you notice multiple types of padding in your orders, don’t fret! I re use all the bubblers I get from any company along with the ones I purchased to help the reuse reuse reuse. And I hope you Campers reuse them too!

Mint issues

Looking to go serious collector over at Camp Out? If you are specifically looking for a mint issue please email us after your order! We can discuss extra packaging, go over minute details like perfect bindings etc




I see advertisers in the magazine, can I advertise? 

Yes! Camp Out is open to all companies! If you ever want to see your ad in the pages of Camp Out, just email over to with the title 'Advertising'. We will send over the advertising package and all the perks that are included with advertising with us. 


How do I get my picture in the magazine for Campers Care?

That’s super easy! Campers Care is a section in the magazine where we can share our tips to help our planet, animals and our fellow man! Anyone interested in contributing can just email over their tip to with the title 'Campers Care'. If your tip is picked, we will put a picture of your lovely face next to the tip! 


Do you offer subscriptions? 

No we do not offer subscriptions but we do have bundle deals! When the magazine first started we definitely didn’t want to offer subscriptions because in case we crashed and burned, we didn’t want to take anyones money upfront for a product not yet completed. The bundle deals are a great way to get multiple issues at a discounted price. As the magazine grows, We will look into subscriptions. 


Do you offer a digital version of the magazine?

We are a print only magazine. While we love and appreciate the digital age, we wanted to keep the vintage feel of the magazine by having it print only.


Where can I get Sold Out Issues? 

Right now, once the magazine is sold out, it is sold out! Campers if you have sold out issues, I can’t stress enough treating them well. The magazine quickly became collectible with sold out issues selling over a hundred dollars. I might do a second run of certain issues down the line but we will see. Once in awhile I release copies out of my personal stash but the only way to hear about that first is by signing up to our newsletter!  


How can I submit images? 

The magazine doesn’t take submissions. I’m sorry! Every set is specifically designed for a certain theme or model for a particular issue. Plus every photographer is paid for their work for the magazine.


How do I become a model for the magazine? 

Any model that would like to apply can just email over a link to their professional modeling portfolio plus their location to . Please be advised though that while any model is welcome at Camp Out, all sizes, ages and races, we are a professional magazine! Models to be considered must have a professional portfolio. All models are paid that for shooting for the magazine.  



Where can I stay up to date on all things Camp Out? Sales, new merchandise, BTS content? 

That would be here at the website! But the best way to hear about al things Camp Out first, is by signing up to our newsletter.