BTS with Skye "Dalton" Blue at the Double Deuce...

Christine Fury Dalton Roadhouse Skye Skye Blue Spring Summer

Campers! We are busy knocking out our Spring C.R.E.A.M. Issue 15 and that means also shooting the Summer preview for it and that's where the best Cooler we have ever seen steps in... by the name of Skye!

Campers if you guys know me at all, you know my love for the best "bad" movies around and while I find anyone that says Roadhouse is not hands down amazing flat out wrong, I definitely can't deny the level of perfect camp cheese that it serves. So for Summer I can't wait to introduce our Summer Blockbuster theme and Camp Out some of my most cherished films for you. It is sure to be an Oscar worthy issue not to be missed! Keep your eyes peeled for more sneaks ...

Model- Skye Blue

Photographer- Le Mew Photography

MUAH- Miss Rockwell De'Vil

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