Sneak into the 2023 Tabletop Tent calendar that you need!

Christine Fury alina Amanda Amanda Nichole bryona Bryona Ashly Charlotte Jane Isabelle Miller kazumi rara Sabrina Nichole sky bri Violet Violet Myers


These images posted here are teasers from the sets but not the images in the calendar, images in calendar are nude

Campers for the first time ever, I switched up the layout of our calendar anddddd I fully shot this calendar myself! It's my first ever fully self shot project being printed and I love how it turned out! This classic desk top "Tent" style calendar will sit pretty whoever you set it and features 14 of your favorite Campettes from this last year full nude. It also features clear sheets for each month, with the months info/dates printed on them so you can see your most loved Campettes behind the months info or flip the clear printed sheet back so you can just gaze at your Campette! I hope y'all love them as much as I do and pop them up everywhere! Send me pictures of where you pitch up your 2023 tent! 

And enjoy a little BTS sneak in no particular order, into our 2023 calendar with a few of our Campettes featured safe Polaroids and some naughty polaroids that didn't make it in. Snag your calendar to see all the Polaroids included and back of the calendar below features the line up of Campettes! 

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