Get "CLOSER" August 15th at 9am!

Christine Fury

Ah to get CLOSER to our Campettes, is there anything better?! My vote is probably not (Except I do kind of want to get even closer next time haha) But welcome to our Summer Issue 26 Closer issue and huge merchandise drop! We are welcoming 6 new Campettes and saying hi again to returning cover Campette Sky Bri. We focused on fun creative closeup shots of our Campettes and then pulled out all the stops for the new merchandise!! All the new merch will be limited too! All the Summer goodies have been full labors of love and sooooo much work. They are some of my favorite items I've created and some in the works for years, like the outdoor hat. I hope y'all love them as much as I do! 


Junipr Keiko


Mila Santos

Tess Artiste

Sky Bri

Emma Magnolia

Queenie Sateen

Our first ever vintage inspired keyhole "Tall Drink of Water" glass! This was a doozy to make and I'm so pumped on it. Campette Sky Bri welcomes you on the outside of the cooler 15.75 sized glass and when you turn the glass around, don't forget to peak in the keyhole to get a whole other view of Sky! We ran a small amount since it is our first glass but if they go well, this will be the first in a series! Plus it goes great next to our 3D boobie campfire coffee mug and or vintage "Tops Off" tiki inspired head-vase. 

"Protect Your Wood" 4 piece coaster set! The perfect pairing to our new "Tall Drink of Water" glass comes the complementary 4 piece tile coaster set adorned with 4 of our newest pinups from the amazingly talented Nathalie Rattner! We are so excited to expand our homewares goodies and hope these gals protect all your wood! 

"How's your head" Outdoor Hat

Campers if you know me, you know if the sun is out, I'm usually in a hat just like this! I actually wear one so much that over the last few years you guys have asked for a Camp Out version. And like most things around these woods, no roads are paved haha So after very many no's on printing a nude design, i finally got one yes and started the project! Because I just couldn't slap a patch on a hat but fully wanted to custom design our own fabric lining (which also creates my SPF for you!) and this is where you get to enjoy all 5 of our newest pinups that I hand created with painter extradordinaire Nathalie Rattner. I can't wait to see everyone enjoying the outdoors while keeping their faces safe in the shade!

There is also FINALLY a new double sided/ flip image air freshener and new stickers coming!! WHAT A RELEASE!!! Is your alarm set for 9am on AUGUST 15th because all the first 100 orders get the new large sticke rpack FREE and all presale orders are going to get logo stickers postcards FREE too!!


New small 3" x 3" circle Closer sticker pack featuring Lizzy and Mila

and new large 90's inspired large sticker pack of Sky Bri!

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