Fall "Tales of Terror" Nightmares is coming October 15th!!

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Campers the big release that we wait all year for is coming! The oh so collectible Fall "Tales of Terror" issue is dropping and this year the theme is Nightmares!! My little boy had his first ever nightmare of a large cat jumping on his chest and it stirred the whole idea in my head for this issue. Hence our stunning cover Campette Violet Myers vintage pinup cat shadow set inspiration! Then I picked a few themes, death and the dentist. Harvey picked bugs and clowns. And then you guys voted in sleep paralysis! I hope y'all love my take on each theme! This issue is yearly our best seller and moves fast so get your order in asap at 9am on October 15th because the first 100 orders get a FREE gift! 

And get ready for all the new merchandise / restock fun!!  

Here comes our amazing new 2023 Polaroid"Shake It" table top tent calendar!! We changed up the layout for the first time, switched up our usual design and went with a rad fold out, table top calendar because it looks like a little tent wherever you want it to sit! Featuring some favorite Campettes from this years sets shot fully on classic polaroids by me! With the month and dates etched into a clear sheet so you can view the dates while seeing a Campette peak through or flip the clear sheet back and just expose the full nude Campette! I'm so pumped for these and think they might be one of my favorite new items. Each one will come will a little collectible card and they are being hand bound, created right here by another female owned company! 

Our Tata Tops Off Head-vase is finallyyyyy back in stock and now our new version comes in two colors! Sea-foam and dusty rose! She is in such limited amounts that these colors fall into collector territory! We have worked our buns off on her so I hope you love her to hold all your goodies, paint brushes, makeup tools, plants etc 



Our SOLD OUT, raved about, first ever vintage inspired playing cards are back in stock. These are a must have for anyone that likes playing cards, collects vintage cards, just loves pinups! Each card is hand staking cut out and layered for a 3d effect. 54 full nude images all wrapped up in a plastic tracking case to keep them safe. Truly they are the best gift! 


A new bundle deal for the first time ever has very recent issues, all of the year of 2021, all snuggled up together for a deal! 


Our first ever collectible candle that we worked months and months on is finally getting wrapped up and ready to ship! She is so stunning, smells like peaches and is based on Campette Amanda Nichol's body! It is the perfect addition to your home or a gift anyone would love! We are already starting to work on our second candle so collect this one before its gone!

And there is new posters and large sticker packs of our Campettes Isabelle Miller, Sabrina Nichole and Violet Myers! 


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