Campers who is ready to EAT? Enjoy a sneak into our Summer "ChEATs" fun!

Christine Fury Amanda Amanda Nichole Aubrey Aubrey Destremps Bryona Ashly Charlie Valentine Charlotte Charlotte Jane chEAT cheats shay Summer

Campers we have always loved the munchies around here and is there anything better then diving into a delicious treat?! We thought not until we saw our Campettes indulging in their favorite cheat foods and boom, our Summer "chEATs" issue was born (and our new pastime we love lol)

Enjoy this tiny sneak into the Summer fun that is releasing in August!! First 100 orders will get something special in their order, there will be all new merchandise (wait till you see!) and lots more goodies so keep checking back here to see more updates, sneaks into the merchandise coming too. Let's get ready to CHEAT!

Sneak of cover Campette Amanda Nichole/ Photo by Le Mew Photography 

BTS with Shay and Shannon Brooke Imagery

BTS with Charlie Valentine and Le Mew Photography 

Sneak of Aubrey Destremps/ Photo by Shannon Brooke Imagery 

BTS of Bryona Ashly 

Sneak of Charlotte Jane/ Photo by Shannon Brooke 


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