Pulp Fiction "Dorks" BTS

Christine Fury

While our Campettes might look like a couple dorks, we know they are actually bad mother you know whats! And we are so excited to show you Campers a little sneak into our Pulp Fiction inspired shoot of Jules and Vincent featuring stunners Nae Santana & Lauren Andrews...

We couldn't do a cult classic film issue without including a film by Tarintino and just like Tarantino we put our own fun spin on it!


While we don't think Jules and Vincent could get any work done in these Camp Out looks haha, we do know our Campettes look perfect in and out them! 

And we are excited to announce that film photographer Peggy Shoots Film joined us on this shoot and she captured the whole cult classic vibe perfectly! So keep those peepers peeled for this too hot Summer release coming soon! 

Hair- Miss Rockwell De'Vil

Makeup- Jillian Wilkey

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