Shipping Updates!

Christine Fury

      Hey Campers! Just a little check in on shipping updates for all things Fall, Pre Sale and upcoming Winter! Everyone is working their darn butts off to catch up and get out the past covid hole. Fall should have released, ready to ship on September 15th but like most businesses, we weren't allowed to work for a large part of this year. So when we were allowed, we worked at a furious rate to still produce our usual 4 issues. So Fall released very late on November 1st and we just got a shipping update, all things Fall will ship the week of the 23rd! Yay!! You will receive a shipping update that week too when your goodies head out. 

      For all pre sale orders (the Calendars and Campette lingerie sets) everything is still looking at shipping out the last week of November/first week of December! And you guys all scored the pre sale discounted price on both items! Calendars are will be priced at $50 and lingerie sets will be priced at $120 when they formally release ready to ship.

       And last but not least... all things WINTER! The huge new Housewives of Camp Out Winter Issue 18, featuring playmate Claire Sinclair, our new Tip & Strip pen , new socks, new crewneck sweaters, new cropped sweaters, restock of our Campette lingerie set in baby blue plus new color baby pink and new stickers are all going to release December 1st! First 100 orders will receive the new sticker pack FREE! Shipping is estimated to be December 15th for all things Winter but we will of course keep you updated on any and all changes! 

       Thank you all for the love and support while our small team an other small businesses we work with all figure out how to navigate this time, provide the best service we can. HUGS!

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