Keyhole sneak into Spring "No-Tell Motel" Issue 23! Releasing PRESALE April 15th!

Christine Fury

Shhhhhhh... don't tell anyone you've visited our "No-Tell Motel"... who am I joking Campers, I'm shouting it from the roof top because I am so pumped for this Spring release! 

I'm coming out the newborn baby hole, I'm shooting like crazy to get this whole year back on schedule and so far we are trucking along! And this Spring "No-Tell Motel" Issue 23 is one for the books. It might honestly be one of my favorite issues to date! And not only is this Issue releasing April 15th presale (Expected ship date May 15th) buttttt the first one hundred orders get a FREE gift! And there will be new FREE to do list postcards featuring our maid Ski Bri on them in every order. For merchandise goodies we will have the coolest new pinup hotel key chains coming, and the most anticipated, first ever playing cards from us (they loooookkkkkk so good!) Here is the tinest little sneak of what to expect from our stunning 54 exclusive cards from some of my past favorite shoots..

And then also new stickers! So set your alarms for April 15th at 9am PST because things like the new key chain and our first ever playing cards are going to go fast and both are limited... 

Enjoy a sneak into our Campettes you will see working at and visiting our "No-Tell Motel" 

Alina Lopez will be checking you in for all the unmentionable fun!

Kazumi Squirts checked in so she could film her own fun she was having...

Alysha Nett is here to take care of all your linens and turn down services you will need! 

Eirenne Suicide runs the place for us and she calls all the money shots!

Mistress Veronica Vixen stopped by our pool to see if she could trade her key for some room service... 

And Ski Bri takes her job as maid very seriously, she will dust off anything you need! Just ask her for a little feathering...

Photos by Carianne Older, Shannon Brooke, Madeline Northway and Vixen Pinup Photography

Hair by Tony Medina, Esther Vasquez and Rachel Monroe 

Makeup by Jillian Wilkey, Jesus Gomez and Candy Cunningham 

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