Bride to be Bryona!

Christine Fury

Campers we are officially back to shooting and get ready to get hit hard! We have huge shoots coming up on the 26th, 30th and 14th-16th! I can't wait to show you Campers all the stunning Campettes that are coming to see us and it is looking like our much anticipated Summer Cult Classic release will be happening July 15th! But first up a sneak into our most featured Campette, the Campette we had to marry Bryona Ashly

We are shooting all the issues right now to play a mean game of catch up so Bryona won't bless you with becoming your bride till Winter Issue 18 but trust me, it is going to be worth the wait! A certain playmate named Claire Sinclair might also be gracing us with her company for Winter also (wink wink) 

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