Summer Release Updates!

Christine Fury

Hey Campers!! I hope all you guys are holding up and first off, thank you for all the love to our little business during this time! I wanted to give you some release updates because like most small businesses, we have been severely affected. So I'm just trying to pivot ideas, timelines so that we can still create our Camp Out world for you! 

*Skye Blue as Dalton in our upcoming Summer Cult Classics Issue 16!

So updated timeless! Our Summer release would normally happen on June 15th but we obvisouly can't hit that deadline since we haven't even been able to shoot for 3 months. So we are looking to do our Summer Release on August 15th or September 1st with the Summer Cult Classic Issue 16 being released PRE SALE! Campers that order the magazine pre sale will get a Summer exclusive goodie with their copy when it ships in September. Pre selling the Issue will help keep us going while we play a brutal game of catch up. But since I haven't been able to create this Issue, I went hard on working on merchandise! So with the Summer Cult Classic pre sale release August 15th/Sept 1st, two new men's shirts will be releasing ready to ship, two new bodysuits good to go, our amazing second installment in our ceramic line with our super collectible, super limited topless head vase (I'm so excited) and new socks! 

*Asami as Alabama in our upcoming Summer Cult Classic Issue 16

And then moving forward we are hoping to hit the new deadline of October 15th for everyone's favorite Fall "Tales of Terror" release with some super exciting new goodies and then like always (crossing fingers) our huge Winter release on December 1st still. 

Keep your eyes peeled because as we get back to work soon we will be sharing all the BTS blogs here so you cans ee what we have in the works and again, like always, love you guys! 


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