Get ready to "Trip Out" with us, Stormi Maya and our Winter Issue 22!

Christine Fury

Shipping first week of March!

Campers lets just be honest, this year has been, well, weird!  So while we already feel like our minds are melting, we decided what better time then to have our Campettes take us away into a world of "is this really happening" fun! And we've been talking to the stunning Stormi Maya for the last two years about visiting us and the stars finally aligned for her to fly us right to the moon as our cover & centerfold Campette!

Shannon Brooke Imagery/ Jillian Wilkey Makeup


Don't miss out on Campette Suttin really making us feel real heavy...

Vico Velez Photography/ Esther Vasquez Hair/ Jennifer Corona Makeup


Lauren Bonner has us sitting way back and wondering what she copped!

Madeline Northway Photography/ Esther Vasquez Hair/ Jesus Gomez makeup


Shawna White's wall bending beauty makes us say whoaaaaa

Shannon Brooke Imagery/ Jillian Wilkey Makeup


Ginny Rosewater sees through rose colored glasses...

DHR Images/ MUAH Ginny Rosewater


And the one and only Snackychann has us ready to candy flip! 

Shipping for our Winter "Trip Out" amazingness starts at the end of January (there is also new stickers, keychains and posters all shipping now) and everything is up for Presale right n ow! Presale is the one way to make sure you reserve your copy and not miss out on the far out goods! 



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