Our first ever reprint plus it is a collectors edition is coming!

Christine Fury

Hold onto your tents Campers, we are finally producing our first ever reprint and we are starting on our first ever issue, Issue 1 and it releases December 17th at 9am PST!  A lot of people are missing this issue because we ran small numbers in the beginning and it sold out fast, so now is the time to collect!! But we are upping the anti for this reprint by turning it into our first ever collectors edition, with making it a perfect bound high gloss version. This will also differentiate the first run from this second run so the first run keeps its collectibility and this new run starts its own collector version. It is also very fun to see how much the magazine has grown from this first issue! So enjoy these new collector issues and happy camping Campers! Dedicated to our Elle Audra

Sneak of cover Campette Lourdes by Shannon Brooke Imagery 

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