Sneak into our Spring "Music Mania" Issue release happening April 15th!

Christine Fury

Campers we are wrapping up our Spring "Music Mania" Issue 19 right now and perfecting layout! And while we plug away at all the finishing details, we wanted to give you guys a little sneak into our Spring release happening April 15th! 

We delved into 6 different music genres to create all kind of Camp Out fun for you! And I gotta say, all the Campettes really played their way into our hearts! Like Erin Browne knocking our blues away with our Muddy Waters inspired



Photo By Shannon Brooke/ Hair by Tony Medina/ Makeup by Jillian Wilkey 

We flashed back to the 80's and 90's with Freja being the girl that we want and our Devo inspired set!


Photo by Carianne Older/ Hair by Esther Vasquez/ Makeup by Jillian Wilkey 

And we even did a homage to one of our favorites, 90's hip hop featuring the stunning Amber Rose! 

We just wanted to dip our toe into the music to your eyes that is coming up! There are 3 more sets including a classical set (you got a little sneak of Renee O as the cover photo), a tribute to Wanda Jackson and a 80's duo Metallica homage set! So defitenly mark your Camp Out calendars for April 15th, 9am pst for the huge release because we will be doing giveaways for the first 100 orders again! 

We are also working on possibly doing some new reels for the viewfinders, a new shirt, the pre sale of our first installment polaroid book (that will also come with an extra presale goodie) and maybe some new stickers/ poster! Keep your eyes peeled for all the updates happening March for the April release! 

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